Mahasemam is a Microfinance organization registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882. The organization was registered at Madurai on July 12,1999. The prime aim for establishing Mahasemam is to help eradicate poverty and improve the social status and self esteem of poor women. The spirit of the organization is aptly captured and signified by the Tamil word “SEMAM” which means well–being.


To provide innovative and sustainable financial services, with HELP in order to empower poor women to eradicate poverty, thus enabling a better quality of life for them and their families.


To Help Three Million Families Out Of Poverty by 2020.

Semam Anthem

  • Let us proclaim that there shall be no more poverty
  • Let us declare that there shall be no more women’s oppression
  • Let us lead our lives with honesty and integrity
  • Oh women flock, Let us join hands under the umbrella of the semam
  • Long live, Long Live, Long live, semam
  • Long live, Long Live, Long live, semam

Mahasemam Oath

  • Women development verily Our Mother India’s Development
  • Semam shows us the avenues of income generation
  • And will change our country into a new nation
  • Let us unite and prosper
  • Doing good deeds, Let us succeed
  • Long live, Long Live, Long live, semam/li>