Passing on the Goat

Passing on the Goat – Ms.Susan Fowler,USA

Making the beneficiary to donate for the cause which she suffered from earlier is a new concept and MAHASEMAM has been implementing this among its members in collaboration with Ms.Susan Fowler, Senior Program Officer, Direct Relief International USA. Under this program 700 goat kids were procured and distributed for the members of MAHASEMAM

Whoever receives the kid has to

  • Feed the goat properly so that it yields the young ones in time.
  • Donate one kid to MAHASEMAM, to be donated to yet another woman. Hence this will be an on going process, benefiting a whole lot of women who are in need. Further the goats grow well in local climate and they are easily manageable by the local women. The goat skin, meat, milk and dung have great demand in the local market. This locally viable goat rearing program has been named “Passing on the Goat”. Ms.Susan Fowler personally visited our MAHASEMAM field area and launched the program by distributing 100 goats. She has been mobilizing resources in USA for sustaining the Passing on the Goat program and an American organization has assured us donation with the approval of the American Government. In the near future, MAHASEMAM women, the poorest of the poor, will get goats from Ms.Susan Fowler and become a donor like Ms.Susan Fowler by donating goat kids to her fellow members.
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