Name of the Client: Mrs. Muthulakshmi. A
Product: Sanitation – Toilet Construction
Branch: Ambasamudram
Center: 055 – Sannathi Street (Subramaniyapuram)
Loan Availed: Rs.15,000/-

My name is Muthulakshmi, Aged 50 years, I am living with my husband and one daughter at Subramaniyapuram pothai, near Ambasamudram. We don’t have adequate toilet facilities. We usually go outside or near bush area, which was risky during the rainy seasons, also not able to go outside, when dark at night. So, we decided to construct a Toilet and bathroom for our own purpose.

On that time, Mahasemam has introduced a new product, at our area, giving loans with low interest for toilet construction purpose. I conveyed my request, during my center meeting and all the members were agreed and recommended to avail the loan from Mahasemam Trust.

Then I gave an application and got sanctioned the loan amount of Rs.15,000/- Sanitation – Toilet Construction loan. After getting the loan I started to construct the Toilet and bathroom on my land, behind my house. Now my young daughter and aged husband were also using the toilets and bathroom without fear from creatures.

My family conveys, thanks to Mahasemam and its owners and employees, to have our own toilets within our limits.


Case Studies:-1

Name of the Client: Mrs. KONGILIT RANI. R
Branch: Mattakadai
Center: 149 – Indra Nagar
Loan Availed: Rs.25,000/-

I’m Kongilit Rani.R, aged 50years, not able to study, due to my parents were poor and not able to maintain big family. After my marriage, I have five children, also big family and unable to meet day to day expenditures. I could run my family with one person’s earning. So, I decided to help my family, and ready to sell fish. Then I approached Mahasemam Center meeting, nearby my house, and applied and got loan Rs.25,000/-.

Now I can earn Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per day, depends upon the situation, and meet out my family expenditures without any issue. I am repaying the due amount to Mahasemam, without any delay, and happily.

We never forget the timely help of the Staff of Mahasemam and the President. I pray God, to give long life to the organisation and its owners.


Case Studies:-2
Name of the Client: Mrs. THOMMAI INNASI
Product: Pickle Making (Fish & Prawn)
Branch: Sundravelpuram
Center: 056 – Vellaipatti
Loan Availed: Rs.25,000/-

My name is Thommai Innasi, aged 45years, interested in making pickles in a different way. So, decided to make pickles by using FISH and PRAWNS. For that I required more money to purchase fishes and packing machineries. I was joined as member in Mahasemam Trust, six years before and now I am the center leader and conducting the center meeting. During that period we got only 7,000-10,000 loan amounts. Due to my big project requirement, I approached and applied Mahasemam Trust.

I repay my dues regularly without any issue and conducting the center meeting promptly, I have got the loan amount of Rs.25,000/- with two year repayment schedule. I was so happy with the loan and purchased equipments and fishes, prawns, dry fishes etc, for my pickle making.

Now I packed the products and selling through varies channels and thus getting more order as well as money. I am also repaying the dues promptly and living peacefully.


Case Studies:-3

Name of the Client: Mrs. ANITHA
Product: Handlooms
Branch: Nagerkoil
Center: 191 – Ground Street
Loan Availed: Rs.15,000/-

I am Anitha, widow, lost my husband and struggled with two kids. After the sudden diminish of my husband, I am unable to meet my day to day expenditures. I have decided to earn money with my own business to fulfill my family expenditures. I know about weaving, which I learnt before my husband’s death.

When I was selling idly, dosa floor (by grinding) and getting small income, after my husband’s death, I decided to earn more money and installed “Handloom” unit at my place with the help of Mahasemam Trust’s loan amount of Rs. 15,000/-.

Now I am earning more money to meet my daily routine and able to give study my children. Now my daughter is going to study in college and son is doing his higher secondary class. We are living happily and peacefully, with the timely help of Mahasemam Trust.


Case Studies:-4

Name of the Client: Mrs. RAJESHWARI
Product: Sound Service (Rental)
Branch: Meenakshipuram
Center: 024 – Thattan Vizhai
Loan Availed: Rs.15,000/-

I am Rajeshwari, aged 45 years old, member in Mahasemam Trust for the past seven years. My husband is an electrician and doing electrical work along with lights, serial sets and radio sets as rental basis. We deeply struggled, when the functions were not happened.

We decided to invest more products along with the above. So, we purchase more products like Samyana, carpets, mats, cooking vessels and so on with the help of Mahasemam Trust’s loan amount. Now we got many orders, other than festival time also.

Now I can able to afford to meet my family expenditures as well as my child’s education. My family members were happy and never forget Mahasemam Trust and its staff members for their timely help.


Case Studies:-5

Name of the Client: Mrs. MUTHULAKSHMI
Product: Fruits Stall
Branch: Meenakshipuram
Center: 096 – Raman Pudur
Loan Availed: Rs.15,000/-

My name is Muthulakshmi, aged 40 years, lived with my husband and three children peacefully with the help of Mahasemam Trust. I was joined as member four years before, when I was not able to maintain my family with little kids. Earlier my husband was purchased the fruits from the market and sold it on the streets with bicycle.

After I became a Mahasemam Trust, my life style has changed. Now I became owner of my own shop. I got first loan as Rs.7000/- and invested to purchase more fruits. After a year later I came to know a shop is going to giving for rent. Then I got second loan after the first loan was over. I paid the rental advance to the shop and arranged trays and spent interior work.

Then I slowly extended my business to make fruit juices and sarbath and lemon recipes for the customers. So, I can repay the money to Mahasemam on time without delay. Now we are all very happy and thankful to Mahasemam Trust be a part of my family.


Case Studies:-6

Name of the Client: Mrs. KALA
Product: Printing & Binding Press
Branch: Anjugramam
Center: 074 – Mailadi
Loan Availed: Rs.25,000/-

My name is KALA, aged 44 years and living with my two kids. I was joined as member in Mahasemam in my area, five years before. I joined only to get my business development. My husband was well versed, about printing and binding work. So, I also to support my husband, by assist him, when he was went outside to get orders.

Suddenly, my husband was fell into sick and unable to recover from the bed. After his, diminish, I was fell lost my hands and felt very bad to live without my husband. Then I realized that, to live for my kids.

Then I decided to do the same business, which was left by my husband. I approached, Mahasemam and explained my situation and applied business loan for Rs.25,000/- and also request to repay in two years. They immediately gave approved and sanctioned the loan amount.
In the meanwhile, I also got a sum of Rs.10,000/- insurance amount from Mahasemam Trust for my husband’s death.

I can’t express my words, that, Mahasemam is doing such a wonderful service to the society. Then gave my full participation to Mahasemam and conducted one center on my supervision. I really thankful to Mahasemam and its staff, for their service to the really needy people in the society.

Long live Semam….!
Long live ……!!
Long live ……!!!


Case Studies:-7

Name of the Client: Mrs. SUBBULAKSHMI
Product: Mud Pot
Branch: Cheranmahadevi
Center: 023 – Karukuruchi
Loan Availed: Rs.10,000/-

I am Subbulakshmi, aged 28 years old, living with my husband and kids. My husband is an artesian, making mud pots and mud vessels. He was studied a course, making vessels in mud clay, at Mahabalipuram sculpture college and not having proper financial support to start his own business.

On that time, I heard about Mahasemam Self Help Group and its activities by helping poor people, especially women, to uplift their life and enlightening the poor family. So, I approached the center leader and explained my family situation.

The center leader and my neighbors were accepted to enroll me as a member in Mahasemam Trust. And then I applied loan and got loan of Rs.10,000/- for my husband to purchase the raw materials to make MUD pots and Mud vessels. Now we are doing own business and my husband also doing his work happily.

We never forget the timely help of Mahasemam, its staff and our center members, who supported me and my family. Now we can stand over own legs. We also were repaying the money at our center meeting on time.


Case Studies:-8

Name of the Client: Mrs. PONNARASI
Product: Snacks Manufacturing
Branch: Veeravanallur
Center: 019 – Karukuruchi
Loan Availed: Rs.15,000/-

I am Ponnarasi, aged 37 years old, manufacturing snacks, like handmade murukku, thattai, athirasam, seedai and etc., nearby bus stand, veeravanallur. After my marriage, I was decided to do anything to support my family.

I know about making snacks and sweets. So, I decided to start own business. On that time I don’t have enough money to start my business. On that time, I heard about Mahasemam through my friends. They lending money with low interest and the weekly repayment methods are very useful to me to choice Mahasemam.

After I joined as a member in Mahasemam, I started to manufacture handmade murukku, seedai, thattai, athirasam and so on. After tasting my nearby neighbors were also interested to join hands with me to do the business development.

Then we started to commercial standard of making handmade items with good quality. My husband looks to marketing my products. Now I can help my family and also giving employment opportunity to my neighbors.

We were jointly together, doing the small business in to a big level. We are really happy, when Mahasemam gives support with financial as well as to market my products at various places. Now I can repay the money by weekly method and participate my center meeting without fail. I am also telling the story to all my friends and relatives. My husband and relatives were appreciating my courage and my business techniques.

Now I can proudly say that, I am an entrepreneur and achieved in my live without forgetting Mahasemam and its employee’s help.


Case Studies:-9

Name of the Client: Mrs. CHANDRA. R
Product: Wood Carving
Branch: Ambasamudram
Center: 065 – Sannathi Street
Loan Availed: Rs.10,000/-

My name is Chandra, aged 46 years, living with two kids and husband. My husband is a carpenter and doing things with wood. He can make any kinds of wood products, but doesn’t have to invest money, because of poor situation. On that time I came to know about Mahasemam, the microfinance company is giving microcredit loans without any security and margin to get loans.

I asked details from my neighbors and relatives, there were several microfinance companies are in the market. How can I identify to get loans with simple method and mode of repayment? They friends and neighbors were explained and it is the only organisation is giving weekly repayment method, which is suitable for us to repay our dues without any issue.

Then I discussed with my family members and my husband, all are satisfied to get loans from Mahasemam and develop our business activities. I got my first loan amount of Rs.10,000-/ without any huddle. My husband purchased machines and raw materials, like wood and colors etc., now we started our own business and getting orders from various clients.

Now we are making children’s wooden walker, wood kitchen sets (kids playing items) which is very special in our South India, especially Tamilnadu, Thottil Kammbu and etc. Now we can able to giving employment opportunity to three more people.

We are able to run our family happily and also able to give proper education to our children. Due to the designing and quality we can able to get orders and earn more money. We can able to repay our dues on weekly basis without any trouble.

My family and relatives were appreciating our achievement and business development. We sincerely thanks to Mahasemam employee and its owner.


Mrs. Jaculin Aged 46 Candle Manufacturing

I am Jaculin, aged 46, living with my husband. I learnt manufacturing candles, before my marriage. We have no children. After a long time, we adopted a female child. I do manufacture the candles and my husband looking the sales.

When I was joined Mahasemam, I got working capital to develop my business in a large scale. I gave job opportunity to my nearby women and taught to making candles. After expanding my business, we got orders from the Church, big size of candles – 5 to 6 feet, to fulfill their prayer / wish.

Now we got regular orders from the people and also from my centre members too. I can easily getting loans from Mahasemam Trust, after repaid my loan with principal and interest. At present I got Rs.18000/- loan to invest more and to expand my business. Thus I can give jobs to my neighbors and co-members.

I sincerely thanks to my field officers and managers for their timely help to develop my business.
Moving Fancy Shop :-
I am Mrs. T. Deivakani, selling fancy items in a small scale level. My husband doing agricultural coolly and getting small income, which can’t met our day to day expenditure. So I decided to start to selling the fancy items like, bangle, sticker bindhis, hair bands, clips, kid’s playing things etc.,

I was not able to invest the initial amount to start the business. On that time, I heard about Mahasemam Trust doing the financial service to the poor people in my village Karumbanoor. So I joined as a member and explained my business activities. The center members were agreed to apply for a loan. Then I apply and got loan Rs.15,000/- from Mahasemam Trust, Kadayam branch. Now I got own moving shop and able to earn Rs.100/- to Rs.200/- per day. With this I can able to manage my family’s day to day expenditure as well as able to repay the weekly due with interest.

Now my family life runs with full of joy and happy. We never forget the timely help from Mahasemam. My family and I will be thankful to our Mahasemam.

Long live Mahasemam. …!