Technology solutions are different for every business.Our specialized practice is tailored to meeting the unique needs of online service. Our approach begins with a dedicated team of technology experts, ready to partner with your engineers, as well as IT and business teams, drive product and service innovation, cost-containment initiatives, and customer satisfaction scores.

MiFI software is developed with the latest technology tools, like .Net platform as front-end and SQL Server as back end. The flexible nature of the MiFI’s N-Tier Architecture has enabled the software to easily adapt to Mahasemam operations with ease.

MiFI software collects and maintains the financial information of all the clients, which enables the management to take decisions quickly, reduces the operating cost, and reduces workload of the branches, which enabled them to concentrate more on the field operations. It works in decentralized mode where branches operate in stand-alone application (client-server model) and the data is transfer to the head office at the time of EOD (End of the Day) Process through Dialup connections with in few minutes.

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The Features of MiFI are as follows

  1. Accuracy.
  2. Maker and Checker concept.
  3. User-friendly Graphical User Interface
  4. Meeting Collection sheet for Field officers.
  5. Loan application Processing.
  6. Cash appropriation.
  7. Availability to track all the products offered by us – like loans and savings.
  8. Automatic linkage of portfolio with financial accounting.
  9. Wide range of web enabled reports for management.

Mahasemam has entered into strategic partnerships with various technology leaders and innovators to establish an agile and scalable technology architecture that is capable of handling the challenges specific to the microfinance sector.Trinity Signal Technology’s product support team provides valuable support round the clock to ensure an uninterrupted operation, as part of their Total Satisfaction Guarantee Promise. The Research & Development (R&D) team has developed innovative applications for mobile devices and biometric interfaces which would be deployed in the field later this year.